Revitalization Committee


Newport Revitalization Committee
Join us in volunteering to help revitalize our community. We are a group of men and women who strive to make the village and town of Newport more attractive and welcoming for its residents and also for visitors. We want to capitalize on the natural beauty, historic atmosphere and friendly people that make Newport a great place to live. We have a lot of good ideas but we need more people to join with us so that we can implement them. 
For a number of years our committee has planted annuals and hung baskets of flowers in the village during the summer.  This is a labor of love and we need some more residents to volunteer to help.  Jobs include: planting, watering, weeding, trucking mulch, and transporting the baskets to Newport from Ohio.  Our baskets are grown at Paul and Donna Clifford’s nursery “Dreams in Bloom”, Ohio.  We water in teams of at least two people.  Each team will be watering daily for one week, depending on the rainfall.  This is a great activity for families.  Weeding is done weekly.  If you would like to volunteer for any of the jobs please call 
ERNA NEWMAN   845- 8240 or TORREY FELIO   845-8698
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Here is a list of projects that we have spearheaded since our organization started:
The Newport Telephone Community Park , Bridge St. , Newport ~ A collaboration between the Revitalization Committee and the Telephone Company resulted in the planning and realization of this park with its fountain and brick walk memorializing many community residents.
Welcome to Newport Signs with a photographic picture of our historic bridge, these were erected on Rte 28 at both ends of the Village.
American Flags have been mounted on telephone poles. This is an on going project as more are added yearly.  
Annual Christmas Decorating in the village- wreathes, lights, and kissing balls create a holiday atmosphere on Bridge Street and Rte. 28
Annual Lighting of the Pat Mock Memorial Christmas tree at Bradford Library, installation of 2,000 LED lights will be complete for 2009.
1st Annual Christmas party with a visit from Santa, for all children in the community was well attended in 2008.
Annual Christmas Lighting Contest, for residential displays, prizes awarded.
Veterans Memorial adjacent to the library, two new flag poles have been installed with lighting at night, new brick work and benches to be installed in the future.
Benches, urns for flowers, and a bike parking rack have been installed in various locations around the village.
Black Fence installed along the sidewalk on Main Street in the village.
We have worked to make our community welcoming, and there is more we can do ~ so please join us at our next revitalization meeting